I can't wait for the holiday
 Barely can touch my books now
Pre holiday syndrome
Being a medical student taught me
Cuti seminggu tu berharga sangat!

Even for me, yg balik rumah every weekend.
Counting days and calories too.

Oh yes.
Cerita pasal counting calories.
i have learnt something recently
Regarding losing weight
To lose 1kg of weight, you need to lose 3800kcal, approximately
So, lets say,
You want to lose 1kg in 1week
Approximately 542kcal have to go in a day
How will you know how much calorie is gone?
For me, as suggested by my lecturer,
I downloaded "myfitness pal" app on my Note.
So, here in the app, you can key in what you eat, and exercises done,
To see the net calorie in a day

I will show you details on my next post.

Till the.