after a few while

assalaamualaikum =)

dah lame tak menconteng dan merapu
nak menekan kekunci untuk merapu

i am catching up with the system and all
better after general module
try to grasp the right way to study
its getting harder but it's not gonna make me go down
i'll try and try and try and try
and please pray for my success.
few facts on my studies:
  1. I failed my general module progress test,got a B for musculoskeletal module and A for h&l module
  2. I think I failed my finals
i'm very happy to have those who supported me regardless the moments i hurt them
i'm very lucky to have friends that will always lift me up when i fall,no doubt, eventhough they are million miles away(ok.tak pun.most of my besties still in malaysia)
i'm very grateful to meet my friends,even though they ran away
few facts on my friends:
  1. Asyraf,Sherrin,Fazrina,Nisa:Orang kate kite sekolah rendah,takkanlah jumpe bestfren dah kan?but then,i did.you guys supports and helps me a lottt mase sedang membesar.haha :D.the games we played,the times we spent together are precious to me.rugi mase tu tade digican to record all our sweet memories.lawatan,tempat berangin,how i wish we cud go back there..but then,time passed and we r not that tight anymore.tp knowing you guys are the best thing i never thought i needed :DD thanks a bunch !
  2. Mahirah: I miss you sooo much..miss our comics time..study together and just laugh over nothing.miss the outings kat bandar kuala klawang yg tak berapa nak besar,lepak dkt kdi gmbr ;P..buat gmbr studio..hehe..i miss the moments you rejected ALL my boyfriends then.hee :DD and most of all, i am grateful having a friend like you...thankyou :D
  3. Anis Suriza: You completed my ngekngek life in balik pulau. :DD how lucky to have a friend like you.i miss jalan2 with you.hanging out same2.menghabeskan duet beli brg tah pape.outing semata-mata nak buat spect sapetah :PP and jalan pegang tangan pergi mane2..hee :DD pegi prep n all same2..haha..rindu!!
  4. Afifah,Elly,Dila,Lisa,Anis: Afifah,a flashback from the past.siape sangka we'll meet agaiin and be best of friends.hehe :D well, korang, is the best of friends i get in group A..i can't imagine myself tanpa korang..ila, i miss ur msgs malam2 sbb takley belajar utk test the next day ;) elly,i miss coming to your room and cry as much as i could..the best thing is u comfort me without asking why :) lisa, i miss all the talks dan gurau :D anis, what cud i say?i miss YOU..hehe :DD & korang, i miss kite kejar Upin&Ipin..hehe
  5. Zara Razi: never thought we could be best friends.i guess keadaan terdesak sgt that we ended up being friends.siapalah i nak banding dengan u.ceyyyy :PP hehe.kite rapeat becoz of dinner.confirm. :) and dats the point i knew.you are a true friend,not a fake one :DD
  6. Zara Yusof: Dinner,dinner,dinner.unplanned friendship,ended up with me telling you almost everything.haha :D thankyou for being just there n understands things yg tak ramai org akan faham.:)
  7. Nurhanis: roomate yang pendiam.(yeah , right) tp tu first impression..tgok2 2x5 jekk due2..haha..:D friends are forever,regardless the imperfections.. :) thanks sbb terima jekk ape adenye ^.^ i'll miss the stay ups & tiru gaya _______ mase belajar CTU..haha..i'll miss every single day spent..and i hope the friendship will last :D
  8. the others: korang yang terbaik pernah exist in my life.thank you :) *aisyah fadhilah,fifi,nik asilah,kanak2 al-razi,syahmir,didie,mimie,shira,ilham,sheila,mira ziqa,klas N,syera,mar,farafiqa,group A,akmarina,fifi,sya,zati,and etc etc etc*

We are still together.thankyou for being there :D. i love you ^^

taktahu ape lagi nak type..huhu..cukuplah for now :)


kanak-kanak riang maen mercun :)

selamat hari raya
maaf zahir & batin

*sorry,it was a late wish*

its been ages since i updated my blog
not many things changed
i am still with amin
life is still medical-oriented
and i am still trying to act sane
*my head is blowing up in a few days,i guess*
inilah balasan kepada orang yang tak suke nak blajar
baru terkejar2 bila jumaat dah nak progress test

ok people
too many things to write sampai dah tak tahu nak start mane
decided to stop now
assalaamualaikum :)


mr. endorphin :)

you are my endorphin,yes you,
you knew who you are

each day spent with you makes me ULTRA happy ^^
thank you

today is my second day ice skating
*yeappp! i've done ice skating*
so mar,get ur ka-ching! ready and finally,you can bring me to ice skating


dan bila mata pena dilupakan
jari jemari mula melekat pada papan kekunci
dan seraya dengan itu
lahirlah sebuah ceritera

its a wonderful day
its a day when every place we went seem nostalgic enuff :)
how fast a year can be
and how things changed

we are more matured in handling things
we are more open minded in talking*in a good way*
there's no more secret between us*rasenye kott*
dan kami mula faham erti jauh dan definasi kasih sayang
its not just for enjoy and fun
tapi untuk menghayati every bits of it
d bitterness.sweetness.sourness and evrything

saya merepek


lagu kamu untuk saya

macam pesan amin pada saya
ouhh terasa
tapi cambest jugak
comel :))


this is dedicated to..

hello and selamat afternoon
i am bakkk home
UiTM tutup for a week
i am home

i have no mood to write
coming down wif a fever,i guess
saya beransur dahulu

thanks muhammad amin
for every single lil thing
and i love you more and more


very2 sangat2 happy^^


he's backkk
he's backkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these two days had been veryyyyyy nice
thanks muhammad amin
i love you

oh ye
life had been an embarrassment
that thursday
mintak maaf kepada yang terlibat

but then
my heart is straight
and i love amin
thank you!

saya pergi menonton m.u vs malaysia


well,i am here now :)

siape kata jadi dr.house senang angkat tangan

hakikatnya susah kott
and i am here like just for 2 days kott

di kesempatan ini
i would like to say i am impressed of those yg dah amek medicine and other degrees,also
kak alin
wan muhammad rujhan raqibi
and tonnes of people all around the world
kerana ini sangat susah dan memenatkan
i think i am up for the challenge
thanks to mr. amin
yang dah hantar message penuh bermakna
i think i am not going to let it go
just not yet

oh ye
dan untuk pelajar2 degree yang lain jugak
serious susah jadi pelajar degree
so..i am verrrrrrrrryyyy kagum dengan semua orang :))
*too many to be listed*

minggu ni tak boleh balik
*sad sad*
i miss spots

mggu ni ade explorce
and ceramah ko-q
sape kate medic bosan?

i am writing this one paragraph to a dear person
near to me
but maybe things happened had everything messed up

dear you
its not underestimating you
and lagi jauh
meng un encourage you
i also once felt the same way
and take in the same pressure
the power is in your mind
no need to tell people and hope people will agree
because in this world
there'll always be people who disagree
the winners are not the thinkers
its the one who'd be able to do something on his own
and dear you
always know that there's people loved you so much
and they are not trying to menjatuhkan you
just giving you a dose of reality
last but not least
i love you :)
and hope you are going to succeed


all the single ladies.oh right.single men too!

good morning
rise and shine

today,we're going to shah alam
*we are back-and-forth-ing to shah alam since a week ago*
to take our mini transcripts dekat fsg
rindu fsg ohh :)

i am back home.again.
because we are not compulsory to go to the unit kenegaraan stuffs
*we confirmed twice by calling unit kenegaraan*
we thought
"jom ah balik umah"
that wednesday nite jugak kitorg balik
lots of things happened
and bus t603*bus commute UiTM dgn dunia luar*
seemed like gone
smpi kitorg nearly taknak balik dah
tapi 9.20 cetu it came and picked us up :))
and we went home
before 11,dah sampai rumah :))
the journey was very funny and memorable
especially part
berlari ke kfc *now or never!*
KM tertinggal kat lrt bangsar sorang2
and of course
time bile everyone scroll the contacts in their handphones to find someone who has a car and lives in shah alam

thanks to mira,akma,zara,KM for the exciting night
tak pernah aku balik rumah malam2 weh

i got my schedule*rough one* for the whole 2 years
and sadly to announce
i dun have 2 months cuti anymore*sob sob :(*
campur minus darab divide
i think roughly our cuti in a year is one month
and that includes
aidilfitri and aidiladha
why ohh why i chose to be a doctor again?

and rabu tu jugak ade jalan2 @faculty wif mpp,sekretriat fakulti and also MESTA
i met k.Alin
ex-asasi jugak but now in 2nd year
die sangat best and gave us a lot of info
terima kasih k.alin :))

whats more
oh yeah oh yeah
i am really looking forward for the red devils arrival
sangat takut kalau weekend tu ade bende kene buat
ade programme kene attend
*tolonglah takde*

next week ade dinner hari jumaat
and treasure hunt hari sabtu
sape kate budak medic passive?

esok ade karnival sukan by fakulti
go MEDIC go!!!
you can do it!!
beat the rest!!!
*i am cheering here cuz i am not gonna be there esok*

enuff of writing
i hurted my fingers sudah
signing off

p/s:13 more days*i am so excited*
cepat balik ea?
saya tunggu


*days to come and go*

16 days and i am still counting

for those who know
yeah yeah
i really can't wait
my heart beats faster when i think bout it
can't wait to have his presence
in front of me
in real
not in cyberlife
can time fly faster?

be back to uitm tonight
tomorrow ade perjumpaan dengan dekan
"i am now a medical student of UiTM"
ohhhh i've been waiting too long to say it out loud
and now i can
*except the UiTM part cuz i dun really care which student i am from*

wish me luck

to these people
i miss your bebelan,nasihat and cakap2
ok not entirely
i miss you
.anis suriza.
.fazrina & sherrin.
.nadia liyana.
.afifah azmi.
.zara razi.
.amalina mohar.
.fadhilah hani.
.alisa amir.
.farah afiqah.

and to this one person
boleh tak kamu balik cepatt?




semalam baru cakap nak blah whatsoever
and today, i am back
"saya diberi pengecualian untuk menyertai MMS"
"sebab saya dulu budak asasi UiTM.takkan nak pegi d same thing 2 kali"
alasan agak tak logik
enuff said.

i am home
tapi kene balik selasa malam
BTN dan lawatan bersama dekan WAJIB pergi
yelah yelah
saya pergilah

tadi belajar senam seni apetah
menariklah juga
terimakasih akak akak PM delima yang tekun mengajar kami
dan mengajar tepuk2 segala macam tepuk such as
:tepuk mat rempit:
:tepuk minah rempit:
:tepuk abg hensem:
:tepuk menyampah:
dan banyak2 lagi
dis what you do during MMS
menaikkan semangat menggunakan cheer

oh yea
dapat rumate baru
name die hanis
die cumel je
kecik sahaja
dia dari rawang
dulu kolej matrikulasi johor
best kawan dengan die

itu sajalah
terima kasih
saya rindu amin
*sangat sangat*
cepatlah balik
i am doing countdown


cerita hari ini

early in the morning
i heard in radio
michael jackson or mikaeel abdullah
sudah pun meninggal dunia
quite a shock
cardiac arrest mereka kata
alhamdulillah die masuk Islam
kata mereka
satu kehilangan
raja pop,raja tabloid

habes cerita MJ
nak wat cene
yang pergi takkan kembali
semoga dia ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang-orang yang beriman
*jika benar dia dah Islam*

sekarang nak cerita tentang
gadis transformer hot
*megan fox*
untuk menghampakan lelaki2 yang meminati die
anda sebenarnye ade sedikit gay
kerana die seorang lelaki sebenarnye
tapi tak perasan ke how perfect she is
i mean,physically
no woman is perfect except if she's a guy
*petikan dari House M.D*

tak percaya
here's the article
click lah

nak berundur diri
dah nak jadi mahasiswi
yeah rite
semoga hari2 mendatang lebih baik untuk semua orang

dan kepada semua
saya rindu kamu semua
saya baru edit dan saya nak upload gambar ni ;)


menikmati hari2 cuti yang tinggal

saje2 nak letak gambar group A asasi banyak banyak

first and foremost
skarang dah pun jumaat
maknenye esok dah nak ke uitm balik
the same place
the same orintation
for the second time
*how excited i am*

sekejap je time flies
uitm dah daftar
then,so and so
after dis week
semua pun dah kat u yang baru
those first days dalam kelas.tak kenal sape2
those days yang dengar lecture sambil tertido2*winks*
those days yang pegi kafe fac makan waffle
those days yang korang simbah saya gune macam2 dan buat saya smell pelik dat nite
those days kat dc
those days aturkan dinner dan macam nak nanges everyday due to extra stress
those days studying for finals
those days spent after finals
those days yang buat rase maken rindu
korang memang yang terbaik
afifah,amalina,fadhilah,lisa,anis,zara razi,mardhiyah,shahirah,farafiqah,kakzi,wida,husna,sarah,fifiey,aisya,aimi,sida
zara yusof,jaan,sarah rawk!,liyana,aiman,afiq,both ridwan,fadzrul
dan rakan-rakan yang laen

hari hari mendatang takkan sama macam dulu2 lagi
kita dah besar
dah masuk *mahasiswa/mahasiswi* world
dah tak boleh maen2 macam dulu*yeah right*

ok ok sebelum saya menangis kerinduan

tadi terbaca blog seorang lelaki yang sangat tunjuk die sayang awek dia
not that i am saying die tak sayang saya
tapi saya tetap jealous of dat girl
and diorang dah break
kesiann laki tu
mereka long distance
dan lelaki tu sangat2 cumell bile dia macam mengekspresikan diri dia dalam words kat blog dia
is it okay for me to like admire org mcm ni?
saya tak kenal dia
tapi saya suka cara dia

saya kena berkemas
ohh ye?
baju yang nak bg kat sekolah wan punye jumble sale?
ouhhh byk lagi keje
signing off