mr. endorphin :)

you are my endorphin,yes you,
you knew who you are

each day spent with you makes me ULTRA happy ^^
thank you

today is my second day ice skating
*yeappp! i've done ice skating*
so mar,get ur ka-ching! ready and finally,you can bring me to ice skating


dan bila mata pena dilupakan
jari jemari mula melekat pada papan kekunci
dan seraya dengan itu
lahirlah sebuah ceritera

its a wonderful day
its a day when every place we went seem nostalgic enuff :)
how fast a year can be
and how things changed

we are more matured in handling things
we are more open minded in talking*in a good way*
there's no more secret between us*rasenye kott*
dan kami mula faham erti jauh dan definasi kasih sayang
its not just for enjoy and fun
tapi untuk menghayati every bits of it
d bitterness.sweetness.sourness and evrything

saya merepek


lagu kamu untuk saya

macam pesan amin pada saya
ouhh terasa
tapi cambest jugak
comel :))


this is dedicated to..

hello and selamat afternoon
i am bakkk home
UiTM tutup for a week
i am home

i have no mood to write
coming down wif a fever,i guess
saya beransur dahulu

thanks muhammad amin
for every single lil thing
and i love you more and more


very2 sangat2 happy^^


he's backkk
he's backkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these two days had been veryyyyyy nice
thanks muhammad amin
i love you

oh ye
life had been an embarrassment
that thursday
mintak maaf kepada yang terlibat

but then
my heart is straight
and i love amin
thank you!

saya pergi menonton m.u vs malaysia


well,i am here now :)

siape kata jadi dr.house senang angkat tangan

hakikatnya susah kott
and i am here like just for 2 days kott

di kesempatan ini
i would like to say i am impressed of those yg dah amek medicine and other degrees,also
kak alin
wan muhammad rujhan raqibi
and tonnes of people all around the world
kerana ini sangat susah dan memenatkan
i think i am up for the challenge
thanks to mr. amin
yang dah hantar message penuh bermakna
i think i am not going to let it go
just not yet

oh ye
dan untuk pelajar2 degree yang lain jugak
serious susah jadi pelajar degree
so..i am verrrrrrrrryyyy kagum dengan semua orang :))
*too many to be listed*

minggu ni tak boleh balik
*sad sad*
i miss spots

mggu ni ade explorce
and ceramah ko-q
sape kate medic bosan?

i am writing this one paragraph to a dear person
near to me
but maybe things happened had everything messed up

dear you
its not underestimating you
and lagi jauh
meng un encourage you
i also once felt the same way
and take in the same pressure
the power is in your mind
no need to tell people and hope people will agree
because in this world
there'll always be people who disagree
the winners are not the thinkers
its the one who'd be able to do something on his own
and dear you
always know that there's people loved you so much
and they are not trying to menjatuhkan you
just giving you a dose of reality
last but not least
i love you :)
and hope you are going to succeed


all the single ladies.oh right.single men too!

good morning
rise and shine

today,we're going to shah alam
*we are back-and-forth-ing to shah alam since a week ago*
to take our mini transcripts dekat fsg
rindu fsg ohh :)

i am back home.again.
because we are not compulsory to go to the unit kenegaraan stuffs
*we confirmed twice by calling unit kenegaraan*
we thought
"jom ah balik umah"
that wednesday nite jugak kitorg balik
lots of things happened
and bus t603*bus commute UiTM dgn dunia luar*
seemed like gone
smpi kitorg nearly taknak balik dah
tapi 9.20 cetu it came and picked us up :))
and we went home
before 11,dah sampai rumah :))
the journey was very funny and memorable
especially part
berlari ke kfc *now or never!*
KM tertinggal kat lrt bangsar sorang2
and of course
time bile everyone scroll the contacts in their handphones to find someone who has a car and lives in shah alam

thanks to mira,akma,zara,KM for the exciting night
tak pernah aku balik rumah malam2 weh

i got my schedule*rough one* for the whole 2 years
and sadly to announce
i dun have 2 months cuti anymore*sob sob :(*
campur minus darab divide
i think roughly our cuti in a year is one month
and that includes
aidilfitri and aidiladha
why ohh why i chose to be a doctor again?

and rabu tu jugak ade jalan2 @faculty wif mpp,sekretriat fakulti and also MESTA
i met k.Alin
ex-asasi jugak but now in 2nd year
die sangat best and gave us a lot of info
terima kasih k.alin :))

whats more
oh yeah oh yeah
i am really looking forward for the red devils arrival
sangat takut kalau weekend tu ade bende kene buat
ade programme kene attend
*tolonglah takde*

next week ade dinner hari jumaat
and treasure hunt hari sabtu
sape kate budak medic passive?

esok ade karnival sukan by fakulti
go MEDIC go!!!
you can do it!!
beat the rest!!!
*i am cheering here cuz i am not gonna be there esok*

enuff of writing
i hurted my fingers sudah
signing off

p/s:13 more days*i am so excited*
cepat balik ea?
saya tunggu