after a few while

assalaamualaikum =)

dah lame tak menconteng dan merapu
nak menekan kekunci untuk merapu

i am catching up with the system and all
better after general module
try to grasp the right way to study
its getting harder but it's not gonna make me go down
i'll try and try and try and try
and please pray for my success.
few facts on my studies:
  1. I failed my general module progress test,got a B for musculoskeletal module and A for h&l module
  2. I think I failed my finals
i'm very happy to have those who supported me regardless the moments i hurt them
i'm very lucky to have friends that will always lift me up when i fall,no doubt, eventhough they are million miles away(ok.tak pun.most of my besties still in malaysia)
i'm very grateful to meet my friends,even though they ran away
few facts on my friends:
  1. Asyraf,Sherrin,Fazrina,Nisa:Orang kate kite sekolah rendah,takkanlah jumpe bestfren dah kan?but then,i did.you guys supports and helps me a lottt mase sedang membesar.haha :D.the games we played,the times we spent together are precious to me.rugi mase tu tade digican to record all our sweet memories.lawatan,tempat berangin,how i wish we cud go back there..but then,time passed and we r not that tight anymore.tp knowing you guys are the best thing i never thought i needed :DD thanks a bunch !
  2. Mahirah: I miss you sooo much..miss our comics time..study together and just laugh over nothing.miss the outings kat bandar kuala klawang yg tak berapa nak besar,lepak dkt kdi gmbr ;P..buat gmbr studio..hehe..i miss the moments you rejected ALL my boyfriends then.hee :DD and most of all, i am grateful having a friend like you...thankyou :D
  3. Anis Suriza: You completed my ngekngek life in balik pulau. :DD how lucky to have a friend like you.i miss jalan2 with you.hanging out same2.menghabeskan duet beli brg tah pape.outing semata-mata nak buat spect sapetah :PP and jalan pegang tangan pergi mane2..hee :DD pegi prep n all same2..haha..rindu!!
  4. Afifah,Elly,Dila,Lisa,Anis: Afifah,a flashback from the past.siape sangka we'll meet agaiin and be best of friends.hehe :D well, korang, is the best of friends i get in group A..i can't imagine myself tanpa korang..ila, i miss ur msgs malam2 sbb takley belajar utk test the next day ;) elly,i miss coming to your room and cry as much as i could..the best thing is u comfort me without asking why :) lisa, i miss all the talks dan gurau :D anis, what cud i say?i miss YOU..hehe :DD & korang, i miss kite kejar Upin&Ipin..hehe
  5. Zara Razi: never thought we could be best friends.i guess keadaan terdesak sgt that we ended up being friends.siapalah i nak banding dengan u.ceyyyy :PP hehe.kite rapeat becoz of dinner.confirm. :) and dats the point i knew.you are a true friend,not a fake one :DD
  6. Zara Yusof: Dinner,dinner,dinner.unplanned friendship,ended up with me telling you almost everything.haha :D thankyou for being just there n understands things yg tak ramai org akan faham.:)
  7. Nurhanis: roomate yang pendiam.(yeah , right) tp tu first impression..tgok2 2x5 jekk due2..haha..:D friends are forever,regardless the imperfections.. :) thanks sbb terima jekk ape adenye ^.^ i'll miss the stay ups & tiru gaya _______ mase belajar CTU..haha..i'll miss every single day spent..and i hope the friendship will last :D
  8. the others: korang yang terbaik pernah exist in my life.thank you :) *aisyah fadhilah,fifi,nik asilah,kanak2 al-razi,syahmir,didie,mimie,shira,ilham,sheila,mira ziqa,klas N,syera,mar,farafiqa,group A,akmarina,fifi,sya,zati,and etc etc etc*

We are still together.thankyou for being there :D. i love you ^^

taktahu ape lagi nak type..huhu..cukuplah for now :)