berupdate tentang exam

officially,this is my first day of 2 months holidays

after three days of throw all the mights to answer exam
three nights of improper sleeping
*on the floor with the notes all over the place*
three days of headache and emotional disturbance
which leads to cry for no reason
and feels that my head is compressed for again, an unknown reason

the exam was hard.and i dun expect myself to pass
tapi dalam usaha berdoa supaya mendapat keputusan yang terbaik

we have only 5 papers this semester
that are
structure-answered questions(SAQ), problem-based questions(PBQ), Multiple choice question(MCQ), OSPE&OSCE*it comes together* and also EMJ

we are answering the paper not according to subjects but these categories
and to answer ALL the papers*except EMJ*
we have to study
anatomy,physiology,biochemistry,pathology,microbiology,parasitology,pharmacology and PHPM
and all of them is divided by modules which are
cardiovascular,respiratory,gastrointestinal,urinary & endocrine and metabolism
we are given 3 weeks to study all these
this sure explains 3 days of improper sleep
Panda Eyes
stressed face

but now it is over
we shall celebrate
and live the 2 months holidays
before being a second year medical student

goodbye firstyear :)



to: all friends that have made a difference in my life.and make it better.and make me a stronger person each and every day.thankyou :)

Early Clinical Exposure

practising for my OSCE station during examination
well,who says being a doctor is all about books?
we also learn how to socialize and talk with patients :)
well,here it goes

*show empathy
*sit 45 degrees toward patient and keep a distance of knee length from the patient
*always,ALWAYS smile :)
*always look for any abnormalities/discomfort of the patient
*look into the eyes ^^

-Patient walks in
[shake hands with patients if possible]
Me: Hello :)
Patient: Hi :)
Me: Have you been waiting long outside?Have you taken your breakfast? :)
Patient: Not so long.Yes,I already did.
Me: I am Nur Syazmin bt Sies, a first year medical student of UiTM.The doctor currently with another patient.He asked me to take some details from you before he comes and meet you.Will that be alright with you? :)
Patient: Oh okay :)
Me: What is your name, and how can i address you?
Patient: My name is __________.You can call me _______.
Me: Can you tell me more about yourself?
Me: Well,_________, what brings you here today?
Patient: _____________________
Me: Oh,it must be a burden for you to come here today.Can you tell me more about your sickness?
Patient:^take note on the duration,the sites of pain(if any),the acute/chronic pain,the sensation of pain[also look at her eyes and around the body if there is any abnormalities]^
Me: Oh.I am sorry for you.It must be hard to have the sickness while working as a ______. Are you uncomfortable(If the patient looks uncomfortable)?Do you wish for me to slow down the air cond?
Patient: ____________________
Me: Do you take any medications to ease your illness?
Me: Oh.Did they relieve you pain?
Me:Have you seen any doctor before you come here?
Me: Have you suffer from any illness before?
Me: Have you been hospitalized or undergo a surgery before?
Me: Do you have any allergy, that is a reaction after you consume any foods or use any products, that cause irritation on your skin,itchiness or red spots?
Me: Mind if I ask, but how are your parents?Are they well?
Me: (If dead) I'm sorry to hear that.May I know the cause of the death?
Me: (If dead) Oh,I am sorry,again. :(
Me: What about your spouse and children?Are they healthy?
Me:(If healthy) Oh, that's good :) (If sick) Have you bring them to the doctor?
Me: The questions i will ask after this may be sensitive,but it is important information.May I?
Me: Do you smoke cigarettes or have any history of smoking?
Me: (If smoke) Oh, how many cigarettes did you usually take in a day? (if don't) That's good.Smoke can damage your health.
Me: (If smoke) Oh, that is a lot.You should try to lessen it because smoke is dangerous for health.
Me:Again, a sensitive question, Do you drink alcohols, such as, beer,wine or whiskey?
Me:(If Drink) How much did you drink in a day? (If not) Oh.Okay.
Me: Another sensitive question, do you take drugs for leisure such as cocaine or marijuana?
Me:(If don't) Oh,that's great.
Me: Do you have any idea regarding your sickness?
Me: Can you tell me more about your idea?
Me: Oh,we will try our best to identify you illness and provides you the best treatment we could.
Me: Do you have any worries about your illness?
Me: Don't worry.You have come to the right place.The doctor will do his best to help you.
Patient: :)
Me: What do you expect from the doctor?
Me: Alright, I will tell the doctor so that,he can help you as much as he could :)
Me: Now,May I repeat all the information you've given?Feel free to add in anything.
Me: _________________________________________
Patient: :)
Me: Alright.Thank you, _________.I will pass this information to the doctor and he will meet you shortly.I do hope you will get well soon :)
Patient: :)

All of these within 8 minutes.I didn't make it last semester.Hope I will make it this semester.
Well, doctors are taught all these nowadays to ensure that their communication skills will be awesome and being able to do history taking without any miscommunication.I sure hope to be a good doctor,5 years ahead :)


short and sweet

no it is not me
i am not short
(is 157 cm short?)

it is about the post today

the sentences of the day
"I'll work hard, till the last minute of the day before exam(which is monday).Please, at least,let me pass.no flying colours wanted.just a pass"

Terima kasih Muzammel :)

7 perkara yang ada dalam jiwa raga aku.

1. Aku suka nak bedah orang.aku aim nak jadi pakar bedah.lagi berpuluh tahun :)
2. Teringin nak pergi korea,melawat amin di sana.dan berdoa dipertemukan dengan lee min ho :P
3. Kalau ada duit lebey tahun ni,nak beli dslr ataupun canon s90 pun cukuplah :)
4. Aku tak reti nak luahkan perasaan*masa nangis* kat orang yang aku tak percaya separuh hati aku paling kurang. :(
5. Aku tak reti mintak maaf depan depan.ayat aku lagi buleh pakai dalam mesej rather than cakap.
6. Aku kurang minat orang yang tak reti nak ikut planning,ubah plan suka hati.
7. Aku suke senyum sopan kat stranger.lepas senyum,aku tunduk.entah apa perangai entah.

Tag ini diberikan kepada:
sesiapa yang sedang membaca :)

it is just a thought :)

sometimes we thought we knew that person
in a blink of an eye
they turn into someone we cannot relate anymore
are they changing?
or is it me who turn into someone else?

nowadays i am a bit sensitive and quiet
*in my own way of course*
not that i want to be ignorant
i just want to avoid myself from speaking bad of others
and hurt someone's feeling
i even typed less messages than i ever did since i own a handphone
i even ignored messages from one of my really really really great supporter in life
*you knew who you are*
"i am really really sorry
i just need a space
i am doing a lot of thinking
i am not purposely ignoring you because i don't want us to be friends"

life is like a wheel,they said
sometimes we are above
and sometimes we are at the bottom

i shall not know is this the above of bottom
because even though i think this is bad
the MAN up there may plan something better years ahead
as a consequences of today's challenge

semalam ada solat hajat perdana fakulti
solat disebelah sarah
kata-kata dari sarah yang dipetik dari kata kata kak syu
"bila kita terdetik nak buat sesuatu kebaikan, terus lakukan waktu tu, kerana hidayah Allah boleh hilang apabila kita sengaja melewat-lewatkannya"

maybe it is already time for me
to change into someone new
hope the following holiday will help me

plus, kudos to the my fom@solat hajat perdana crews
the solat hajat was a great experience
especially the makan dalam dulang :)
i had fun
and dr.adli had touched an untouched part of my heart
maybe,just maybe
i'll turn into a new leaf
not too different from who i am
just a better muslim