its a long story since then :)

Salam ramadhan :)

It had been a long time since my last post I guess :)
But yeah, I am still here

Well, being a third year student, life was never as easy as before
So, juniors, nikmati your preclinical years :)

My first posting is rural/urban health
In this posting, we are more focused in  treating public health, the community, not only the diseased ones :)
It is very important to emphasise on prevention program as it may make a difference in public health
For the first 4 weeks, we were posted at teluk intan, a nice place indeed,
I thought it was not really rural, but suburban
I missed that place already

Last week, it was vry hectic
Due to a lot of presentations,
Sleepless nights of preparing reports and presentations,
Iguessed could say my group did okay for all three presentations

I guess ll update till here only
I wanna write something personal
But guessed ll wait a bit
To put all sentences to mke a great pragraph of everything

Love,syazmin :)