I must have done something right
For me to get this unexpected results
Thank You, Allah


Mood Cuti


this week keluar result
*bunyi cengkerik*

sekarang mood holiday
mencari ketenangan
menjiwai peranan

malas nak tulis panjang panjang
katil gua dah sahut sahut nama gua
*awkward bahasakan diri gua*

Selamat Malam Kamu :)


Final Exam Year 3


I am so relieved, I have ended my final year 3 examination

I wish I can say that
but I have another long case examination this Thursday
I have finished all my written exams so I am already overjoyed

This semester, I have to take 3 postings' written papers
Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics
Imagine having to read these, during weekend (since we don't have study week)

okay, another exaggeration
I never succeed in reading all the books
But yeah, it was a tough weekend
i don't even go back to Bangi
*my first time in this semester!*
It was a sleep-deprived weekend
and sometimes we just go euphoric because that's how we are

and today, I was so relieved when Prof . Abdur Rashid announced the end of our MEQ exam
I was already imagining my bed and pillow
but instead, I arrived at my room, and drank starbucks
Congratulations, Syazmin!
There goes your sleep

Comments on how i did my exam?

i hope not THAT bad.

until then.
love. :)