in mood for baking


I love pavlova, so much.
so, one day, i thought, why don't i try baking it?

It is simple enough, says the website, of course.
But then i have no fresh fruits or whipped cream
so, i just try to do the meringue
because if it turns out bad, at least, i will not waste my whipped cream

the meringue

it turned out okay
it is crispy at the outside and marshmallow-like on the inside
I made 2 quite big ones
and my siblings finished it at night
BUT, there's 2 things I dislike - TOO SWEET! and i can taste the WHITE EGG
macam hanyir telur tu still ade sikit2

I asked mama, how to get rid of the uneasy smell of egg white
and mama told me to use lemon juice
so, this time, in preparing the meringue
I put in a bit of lemon juice
I reduce the amount of sugar
*in fear of diabetes :p*
 and this time i have whipped cream and fresh fruits
I also make it in small sizes as i know my family do not take sugar that much 
and I think it will turn to be more crunchier 
so, voila!