Facebook status

I am not a status updater every day, let alone every hour
I actually google to update my status
I always google for beautiful quote, life quotes
Today, I decided to google "Life Philosophies"
and I found this 

The Truth


It is nearly end of Ramadhan
and I can't really say I am a better person than pre-Ramadhan
Let's hope for the best of the other months , 
so that if I meet Ramadhan next year(Insya-Allah), I am then a better person than today

The reason to write today is,
someone brought up something from the past
a beautiful hello but a hurtful goodbye
at the same time
a friend of mine, asked my opinion about something similar to what I've experienced
not exactly the same
but somewhere in the line

Here's what I said to my friend, as an advice
"It is better to know now than to know in the future.
It does not mean she stopped caring for you.
It hurts to see someone you cared about ,crumpled and crushed, because of you
The easy way is to ignore, to stop looking at things as if you can fix anything
You have done more damages than you can imagine
Therefore, you took the easiest way out,
to stop
stop caring, stop searching, stop consoling
and just pray that his heart will be healed
and he will smile again like he used to"

It is like a myocardial infarction, you may be feeling well, you have no chest pain, no complaints
but the macroscopy of your heart will show the signs of fibrosis
which will leads to the information that you've had infarction, recently

I don't feel like I need to give an explanation on why things turned out to be the way they are today
It is just when things crossed my mind
and I thought I am strong enough
I'm just not.

p/s: I never expect things will be better if I choose any other way.